Visual Basic.NET FUNdamentals

Visual Basic.NET FUNdamentals

AUTHOR: Alfred C Thompson II

PUBLISHER: CreateSpace Independent Publishing


ISBN-10: 1723535486; ISBN-13: 978-1723535482

This is not a typical textbook or reference book. This book is intended to help students learn the most basic syntax of the Visual Basic language with some of the more interesting .NET libraries. Complexity is avoided as much as possible while demonstrating simplified sample code that is easily understood and reused by beginners. The book is intentionally short and to the point to avoid overwhelming the reader. This book includes a section of libraries and techniques that are not often covered in traditional textbooks but that allow the creating of more fun and interesting projects. Using timers, moving images using cursor control keys, and adding images to programs are not “important computer science concepts” but are explained in simple terms to let beginners use them. Only a few specific projects are described here. The preference is that students on their own or with guidance from a teacher or other mentor will design their own projects. Learner selected projects are both more fun and more motivating that projects required by a text book.

About the Author
Alfred Thompson teaches high school computer science at Bishop Guertin High School in Nashua NH. He has been a professional software developer, a textbook author, a developer evangelist, a school technology coordinator, a school board member and more. Alfred sees himself as a computer science education activist working to help reach more young people with the knowledge that they can make the world a better place through software. Read more by Alfred Thompson at his Computer Science Teacher blog (

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