Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners

Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners

AUTHOR: John Horton


PAGES: 698

ISBN-10: 1789615402; ISBN-13: 978-1789615401

Build robust Kotlin apps with an efficient UI and smooth functionality for the Android platform

Key Features
* Start building easy-to-use apps featuring an intuitive user interface
* Understand how to publish your apps on Google Play
* Learn by example and build four real-world apps and a variety of mini-apps

Book Description
Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and Kotlin has been declared by Google as a first-class programming language to build Android apps. With this book, you'll explore the Android 10 (Q) update, and get up to speed with building apps that are compatible with this version.

This book adopts a project-based approach, where you'll focus on the fundamentals of Android app development and the essentials of Kotlin by building three real-world apps and a variety of mini-apps. You'll begin by understanding how Kotlin and Android work together before gradually moving onto exploring the various Android APIs for building stunning apps for Android with ease. You will learn to make your apps more presentable using different layouts. Later chapters will take you through Kotlin programming concepts such as variables, functions, data structures, and object-oriented code, along with showing you how to connect your Kotlin code to the UI. In addition to this, you will understand how to add multilingual text so that your app is accessible to millions more potential users. Toward the concluding sections, you will learn how animation, graphics, and sound effects work, and ways to implement them in your Android app.

By the end of this book, you will have gained comprehensive knowledge of essential Kotlin programming concepts and developed the skills you need to startbuilding your own fully featured Android apps.

What you will learn
* Understand how Kotlin and Android work together
* Build a graphical drawing app using object-oriented programming(OOP) principles
* Develop beautiful, practical layouts using ScrollView, RecyclerView, NavigationView, ViewPager and CardView
* Write Kotlin code to manage an app's data using different strategies including JSON and the built-in Android SQLite database
* Add user interaction, data captures, sound, and animation to your apps
* Implement dialog boxes to capture input from the user
* Build a simple database app that sorts and stores the user's data

Who this book is for
This book is for anyone who is new to Kotlin and Android, and wants to develop interactive Android apps. Those who have some experience in programming with Android and Kotlin will also find thebook useful.

About the Author
John Horton is a programming and gaming enthusiast based in the UK. He has a passion for writing apps, games, books, and blog articles. He is the founder of Game Code School.

Book Category

Android Developer / Asp.Net / Asp.Net MVC / Blockchain / C# / C++ / Computer Science / Database / Game Developer / Java / JavaScript / jQuery / Linux / Maven / MS Sql / MySQL / Networking / Oracle / PHP / Python / Spring / VB.Net / Visual Studio / Web Developer

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