Concurrency in C# Cookbook: Asynchronous, Parallel, and Multithreaded Programming, 1st Edition

Concurrency in C# Cookbook: Asynchronous, Parallel, and Multithreaded Programming, 1st Edition

AUTHOR: Stephen Cleary

PUBLISHER: O'Reilly Media

PAGES: 208

ISBN-10: 1449367569; ISBN-13: 978-1449367565

If you're one of the many developers uncertain about concurrent and multithreaded development, this practical cookbook will change your mind. With more than 75 code-rich recipes, author Stephen Cleary demonstrates parallel processing and asynchronous programming techniques, using libraries and language features in .NET 4.5 and C# 5.0.

Concurrency is becoming more common in responsive and scalable application development, but it’s been extremely difficult to code. The detailed solutions in this cookbook show you how modern tools raise the level of abstraction, making concurrency much easier than before. Complete with ready-to-use code and discussions about how and why the solution works, you get recipes for using:

* async and await for asynchronous operations
* Parallel programming with the Task Parallel Library
* The TPL Dataflow library for creating dataflow pipelines
* Capabilities that Reactive Extensions build on top of LINQ
* Unit testing with concurrent code
* Interop scenarios for combining concurrent approaches
* Immutable, threadsafe, and producer/consumer collections
* Cancellation support in your concurrent code
* Asynchronous-friendly Object-Oriented Programming
* Thread synchronization for accessing data

From the Author
I had one major goal in writing this book: to cover modern approaches to concurrency. There are a hundred books out there that describe threads and all the various synchronization primitives in excruciating detail; this is not one of those. This book focuses specifically on how code should be written, not how code could be written.

This book does contain an introduction to concurrency (multithreading, asynchronous programming, etc). However, it is not an introduction to C# or .NET. I do expect my readers to understand delegates, lambda expressions, LINQ, OOP, etc. If you need help in these areas, there are other great books that cover these topics far better than I could do.

By focusing only on modern coding practices, and by avoiding "fluff", I've kept the book short. It's under 200 pages, a portable size. The vast majority of these pages are recipes written with an extremely practical mindset, so they can be used as a ready reference for the modern developer.

Book Category

Android Developer / Asp.Net / Asp.Net MVC / Blockchain / C# / C++ / Computer Science / Database / Game Developer / Java / JavaScript / jQuery / Linux / Maven / MS Sql / MySQL / Networking / Oracle / PHP / Python / Spring / VB.Net / Visual Studio / Web Developer

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