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Author: Khalid A. Mughal

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional Pages: 656

This is the definitive preparation guide for every software developer who wants to earn Oracle’s challenging Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification.

Author: Walter Savitch

Publisher: Pearson Pages: 1234

Java programming concepts and techniques are discussed in a straight forward style using understandable language and code.

Author: ISBN-10: 0997252863; ISBN-13: 978-0997252866

Publisher: Skylight Publishing Pages: 424

It will help you fill the gaps in your knowledge and raise your grade, this seventh edition has been updated to meet the latest exam requirements.

Author: Barry Burd

Publisher: For Dummies Pages: 560

This is the ideal resource you'll turn to again and again as you perfect your understanding of the nuances of this popular programming language.

Author: Stuart Reges; Marty Stepp

Publisher: Pearson Pages: 1232

Extensively updated with incorporation of JShell integration, improved loop coverage, rewritten and revised case studies, examples, updated collection syntax.

Author: Stuart Reges; Marty Stepp

Publisher: Pearson Pages: 1224

New syntax and concepts added over multiple chapters, and object-oriented programming discussed only once readers have developed a basic understanding of Java programming.

Author: Cay S. Horstmann

Publisher: Prentice Hall Pages: 928

Practical understanding of the language and API, and its hundreds of realistic examples reveal the most powerful and effective ways to get the job done.

Author: Cay S. Horstmann

Publisher: Prentice Hall Pages: 960

11th Edition, has been updated for Java 11, with up-to-date coverage of advanced UI and enterprise programming, networking, security, and Java’s powerful new module system.

Author: Robert Lafore

Publisher: Sams Publishing Pages: 800

In the second edition, the program is rewritten to improve operation and clarify the algorithms, the example programs are revised to work with the latest version of the Java JDK.

Author: Peter Pilgrim

Publisher: Packt Pages: 486

Build modern Java EE web applications that insert, update, retrieve, and delete customer data with up-to-date methodologies.

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