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Category: Android Developer / Asp.Net / Asp.Net MVC / Blockchain / C# / C++ / Computer Science / Database / Game Developer / Java / JavaScript / jQuery / Linux / Maven / MS Sql / MySQL / Networking / Oracle / PHP / Python / Spring / VB.Net / Visual Studio / Web Developer

Author: Judd Ruggill; Ken McAllister; Randy Nichols

Publisher: Routledge Pages: 392

Accessible industry talk and incisive thematic overviews is ideal for anyone interested in games as a global industry, a site of cultural study, or a prospective career path.

Author: Fletcher Dunn; Ian Parberry

Publisher: A K Peters/CRC Press Pages: 846

Provides an introduction to mathematics for game designers, including the fundamentals of coordinate spaces, vectors, and matrices.

Author: Timothy M. Wright

Publisher: Cengage Learning PTR Pages: 656

Application programming, full-screen games, input handling, matrix transformations, basic physics, intersection testing, collision detection, and much more.

Author: Jason Gregory

Publisher: A K Peters/CRC Press Pages: 1240

Offers the experienced game programmer a useful perspective on aspects of game development technology with which they may not have deep experience.

Author: Sanjay Madhav

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional Pages: 528

Learn to use C++ in all facets of real-world game programming, including 2D and 3D graphics, physics, AI, audio, user interfaces, and much more.

Author: Robert Nystrom

Publisher: Genever Benning Pages: 354

You will learn how to write a robust game loop, how to organize your entities using components, and take advantage of the CPUs cache to improve your performance.

Author: Harrison Ferrone

Publisher: Packt Pages: 428

You will explore the fundamentals of Unity game development, including game design, lighting basics, player movement, camera controls, and collisions.

Author: K. Aava Rani

Publisher: Packt Pages: 140

Unity is a powerful game development engine that provides rich functionalities to create 2D and 3D games, build cross-platform mobile and desktop games.

Author: Ashley Godbold; Simon Jackson

Publisher: Packt Pages: 506

This book will help you master the 2D features available in Unity 5, by walking you through the development of a 2D RPG framework.

Author: Alan Thorn

Publisher: Packt Pages: 380

You will be able to create impressive Artificial Intelligence for enemy characters, customize camera rendering for postprocess effects, and improve scene management.

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