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Author: Greg Lim

Publisher: CSIPP Pages: 98

Learning decentralized application (DApp) development on the Ethereum blockchain using the Solidity programming language.

Author: Arshdeep Bahga; Vijay Madisetti

Publisher: VPT Pages: 380

A blockchain stack comprising a decentralized computation platform, a decentralized messaging platform, and a decentralized storage platform is described.

Author: Daniel Drescher

Publisher: Apress Pages: 253

This book bridges the gap that exists between purely technical books about the blockchain and purely business-focused books.

Author: Bellaj Badr; Richard Horrocks; Xun (Brian) Wu

Publisher: Packt Pages: 528

This book will walk you through the process of building multiple blockchain projects with different complexity levels and hurdles.

Author: Don Tapscott; Alex Tapscott

Publisher: Portfolio Pages: 432

Blockchain is the ingeniously simple, revolution­ary protocol that allows transactions to be simultaneously anonymous and secure by maintaining a tamperproof public ledger of value.

Author: Alford Benson

Publisher: CSIPP Pages: 110

This guide is designed to be understood by anyone who may be new to the world of blockchain, or those who may be looking to advance their knowledge and understanding of this protocol.

Author: Abraham K White

Publisher: CSIPP Pages: 320

This book also explains the Internet of Things, smart contracts, the Ledger of Things, as well as the application of these technologies.

Author: Johan Blake

Publisher: CSIPP Pages: 54

The sudden boom in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the emergence of new collaborative platforms like Ethereum have brought Blockchain Technology in public domain.

Author: Artemis Caro

Publisher: CSIPP Pages: 58

Cryptocurrency and it's disruptive architecture, Blockchain, is now making the biggest revolution in the Finance sector for the last 100 years.

Author: Stephen P. Williams

Publisher: Scribner Pages: 208

Revealing how cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are just one example among dozens of transformative applications that this relatively new technology makes possible.

Author: Narayan Prusty

Publisher: Packt Pages: 266

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that maintains a continuously growing list of data records that are secured from tampering and revision.

Author: Thomas Wiesner; Colleen Wtorek

Publisher: Draft2Digital Pages: 284

You will learn everything you need to know about the Ethereum blockchain and Smart Contract Development to get started the right way.

Author: Debajani Mohanty

Publisher: Apress Pages: 292

This book takes you through BlockChain concepts; decentralized applications; Ethereum’s architecture; Solidity smart contract programming with examples.

Author: Kenny Vaneetvelde

Publisher: Packt Pages: 106

Ethereum Projects for Beginners provides you with a clear introduction to creating cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized applications.

Author: Branden Lee

Publisher: Independently published Pages: 94

This guidebook will take some time to talk about Ethereum and all the things that you can do with on this platform, especially when it comes to using blockchain.

Author: Nitin Gaur; Luc Desrosiers; Petr Novotny

Publisher: Packt Pages: 460

Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer are open source projects that help organizations create private, permissioned blockchain networks.

Author: Eric Traub

Publisher: Packt Pages: 252

You'll learn how to build an API server to interact with your blockchain and how to host your blockchain on a decentralized network.

Author: George Gilder

Publisher: Gateway Editions Pages: 256

Google’s astonishing ability to “search and sort” attracts the entire world to its search engine and countless other goodies—videos, maps, email, calendars.

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