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Author: Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.

Publisher: Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. Pages: 1300

Reference book, written from the programmer’s point of view, containing hundreds of examples and covering nearly every aspect of ASP.NET 4.5 in both VB and C#.

Author: Valerio De Sanctis

Publisher: Packt Pages: 549

Easily build a complete single page application with two of the most impressive frameworks in modern development, ASP.NET Core and Angular.

Author: James Singleton

Publisher: Packt Pages: 348

This book is aimed for readers who can build a web application and have some experience with ASP.NET or some other web application framework.

Author: James Chambers; David Paquette; Simon Timms

Publisher: Microsoft Press Pages: 432

This book guides you through the entire process of building, deploying, and managing cross-platform web apps with ASP.NET Core.

Author: Andrew Lock

Publisher: Manning Publications Pages: 712

C# developers without any web development experience who want to get started and productive fast using ASP.NET Core 2.0 to build web applications.

Author: Filip Wojcieszyn

Publisher: Apress Pages: 408

ASP.NET Web API 2 Recipes provides you with the code to solve a full range of Web API problems and question marks that you might face when developing line-of-business applications.

Author: Imar Spaanjaars

Publisher: Wrox Pages: 864

Learn how to build full-featured ASP.NET websites using Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web, Microsoft’s free development tool for ASP.NET web applications.

Author: Imar Spaanjaars

Publisher: Wrox Pages: 888

Approach to building the Planet Wrox website example, an online community site featuring product reviews, picture sharing, bonus content for registered users, and more.

Author: William Penberthy

Publisher: Wrox Pages: 792

ASP.NET allows programmers to build more dynamic websites, web applications, and web services, and with the latest update, it's never been a better time to learn.

Author: Cristian Darie; Wyatt Barnett

Publisher: SitePoint Pages: 800

ASP.NET allows Web Developers to create dynamic, interactive Websites very efficiently thanks to multiple built-in controls and features built into the ASP.NET language.

Author: Kevin Hoffman

Publisher: O'Reilly Media Pages: 232

This hands-on guide shows you how to create, test, compile, and deploy microservices, using the ASP.NET Core free and open-source framework.

Author: Rahul Sahay

Publisher: BPB Publications Pages: 378

Building Single Page App using ASP.NET Core and Angular is not at all meant for freshers or for those who just started programming.

Author: Mark J. Price

Publisher: Packt Pages: 637

Fundamentals of C#, including object-oriented programming, and new C# 8.0 features such as nullable reference types, simplified switch pattern matching.

Author: Jon Smith

Publisher: Manning Publications Pages: 520

Entity Framework is an object-relational mapper (ORM) that bridges this gap, making it radically easier to query and write to databases from a .NET application.

Author: Simone Chiaretta

Publisher: Wrox Pages: 288

Utilizing the most popular combination of web technologies for Microsoft developers, this guide provides the latest best practices and ASP.NET MVP guidance to get you up to speed quickly.

Author: Fanie Reynders

Publisher: Apress Pages: 236

You’ll progress from the basics of the framework through to solving the complex problems encountered in implementing secure RESTful services.

Author: Dan Mabbutt; Adam Freeman; Matthew MacDonald

Publisher: Apress Pages: 1224

This comprehensively revised fifth edition will teach you everything you need to know in order to create well-designed ASP.NET websites.

Author: Dino Esposito

Publisher: Microsoft Press Pages: 416

Programming ASP.NET Core is the definitive guide to practical software development with Microsoft's exciting new ASP.NET Core technologies.

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