SSS R3 File Generator is a program developed to assist employers in the preparation of their monthly contribution report. I downloaded this system and installed it on my laptop, then read the user manual to see how the process works.

Using my web application, I generate monthly SSS contributions to get data for testing and try to input from R3 File Generator. After 10 employee's contribution is encoded to the system, we generate file Transmittal Certificate, Employee File, and SSS text file.

R3 File Generator

As a programmer, I ask myself why SSS did not provide or develop a system that could get the data from an excel file, then generate those 3 required text files to eliminate double entry. I decided to create an application that the system goal is to read data from excel file, then after the processing generate the Transmittal Certificate, Employee File and SSS text file to download.

Task to do:

  • Download the R3 File Structure
  • Study the output of Transmittal Certificate, Employee File, and SSS text file.

After a week, we developed R3 File Generator module added to my HRMS & Payroll System and I'am planning to share this tool for free if I receive more comments about your experience using R3 File Generator provided by SSS.