The company must have an efficient procurement management process flow in place to oversee the cash flow expenses. Embracing digital solutions that offer automation, procurement life cycles that simplify processes for improved operations. Moving toward automation is one of the best decisions for the purchasing department in a long-term business and increased productivity.

Manual procurement management is a time-consuming and labor-intensive function, with lost documents, slow approval cycles, and uncontrolled costs. Difficult to manage as a result of the chaos, supplier relationships suffer because of inefficient dispute resolutions, poor vendor management, late payments, and more.

PMS Software Development Process Flow

Procurement Management System (PMS)
PMS Software to be added in

Software Plan Development Timeline

PMS Table Maintenance

  • Asset Classification
  • Product
  • Product UOM
  • Item Category
  • Item Group
  • Brand
  • Manufacturer
  • Warehouse
  • Sites
  • Supplier
  • Customer

CapEx Request

  • Budget Allocation
  • Fixed Approvers
  • Other Approvers
  • Data Entry (Add, Edit, Delete, Search, View)
  • Generated CapEx Request Form
  • Approval Form
  • Monitoring Status

Material Request

  • MR Data Entry (Add, Edit, Delete, Search, View)
  • Monitoring Status

Request For Quotation (RFQ)

  • Quotation Data Entry (Add, Edit, Delete, Search)
  • Approval Form
  • Monitoring Status

Purchase Request

  • PR Data Entry (Add, Edit, Delete, Search, View)
  • Approval Form
  • Monitoring Status

Purchase Order

  • Generate PO
  • Sending PO for Supplier

Delivery Reciept (Inventory Items)

  • DR Data Entry (Add, Edit, Delete, Search, View)
  • Invoice Billing (Add, Edit, Delete, Search, View)
  • Request For Payment (RFP)
  • Generate Cheque
  • Vendor Payment
  • Payment Monitoring

Monitoring & Statistic Reports

  • CapEx Request
  • Approved RFQ
  • Purchase Request
  • Purchase Order
  • Delivery Reciept
  • Supplier Payment Summary
  • Supplier Payment History
  • Pending Payment Summary

Capital Expenditure Request (CapEx)

Capital expenditure requests are the most critical processes in a business organization to manage the approval of financial expenses and enduring financial decisions to purchase. A CapEx Request is the first step to initiate and provide information or documents attached to support their suggested expenditure.

CapEx Request Dashboard

Create a Request CapEx must have an available budget within a year per asset classification to restrict or control the expenditure by the management that decides additional budget if required. The sequential approval flow is reviewer, recommendation, and final approval, after final approval, said CapEx, is automatically sent to the next cycle of process Request For Quotation (RFQ). CapEx Request Dashboard

CapEx Request Data Entry

CapEx Request Form

Request For Quotation & Canvass Sheet Entry

CapEx request approved in final approval is automatically queued in purchasing department looking a supplier or request price quotation. Suppliers participating in Request For Quotation (RFQ) should input data in the canvass sheet data entry and subject to purchasing head approval to select a qualified supplier.

Request For Quotation

RFQ Canvass Sheet Entry

Purchase Request

After Request For Quotation (RFQ) and Canvass Sheet approval approved is automatically queued in Purchase Request (PR) to input the requested item. All resource documents like approved CapEx, canvass sheets attachment have hyperlinks in PR Entry for easy retrieval as a reference during data entry.

Purchase Request

Purchase Request Data Entry

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