Timesheet processing output are computed man-hours distribution that all approved overtime, leave with pay is automatically computed by the system. The employee man-hours distribution must confirmed and signed by respective department head prior for payroll processing.

Online payroll processing consists of steps needed to pay employees each pay period, involves tracking hours worked, employee leave benefits, government mandatory contribution, and payroll taxes. Establishing a solid payroll process helps employers avoid penalties for breaking Department of Labor laws using automated payroll system to makes the process simple and easy. Payroll staff can process work from home, company office or any location with internet browser just login and do the payroll task.

Payroll Reports

Generate Payroll Reports

  • Payslip
  • Payroll Summary Reports
  • Payroll Group report by department
  • Payroll Monthly Summary Report
  • Year-To-Date Monthly Payroll Summary
  • Year-To-Date Monthly Payroll Summary by Department
  • Year-To-Date Monthly Cost Summary
  • Year-To-Date Monthly Cost Summary by Department