Online Leave Management

Online leave management using Pinoy Web Application is the simple way to file a leave of absence with pay.

By automating leave approval process can eliminate unexcused absences without filling of leave. Employee self-service dashboard account have an easy interface to apply and view leave request status. The online staff leave planner allows administrators to set up employee information and leave types and policies easily.

Leave request

Apply leave

Approvers will receive notification message to their dashboard account or emails to prompt them for approval awaiting action. The head department make a decisions on whether a request can be approved or denied and any clashes within the team.

Email Notification

Employees can plan their leave around the team calendar to make sure your departments are adequately staffed. Setting restricted days or restricted team members ensures that key members of the team do not take off at the same time. With centralized absence management you can ensure that your resources are managed well.

Employees can view current leave balances, request leaves, view past leave history, and head department can review and approve leave applications using their mobile phone or any device with internet browser.

Leave approval form