Last pay and other benefits of outgoing employee will receive final pay and other benefits, also called back pay who resigned or terminated from the company. The final pay is usually given within 30 to 60 business days after all requirements have completed clearance provided by the HR department.

Following items that could possibly be part of your last pay.

  • Last salary cut-off
  • Pro-rated 13th month pay
  • Tax refund
  • Vacation leave (if convertible to cash)
  • Sick leave (if convertible to cash)
  • Service Incentive Leave (if available)
  • Deductions and/or liabilities

Last Pay and Other Benefits

HRMS & Payroll Web Application automate this process to those who resigned, end contract or terminated by filing on separate module called as Last Pay data entry. They should add employee name and cut-off dates before the payroll process on said cut-off date that system identify during the payroll processing mark the employee as last pay to separate or not included in payroll summary reports. The last pay will be given upon comply of clearance required by the company, using these system can easily monitor the status of clearance if already uploaded that ready for approval. All requirement like clearance, last timesheet computation, last payslip, payroll history within current year and summary computation of Total Amount to Receive is automatically available or download all reports for review.