How to process employee loans and automate in payroll deduction

Companies provide employee's loans for SSS and Pagibig member, Bank loan, Company salary loan or cash advance etc. Pinoy Web Application create a flexible loan data entry module that can connect to payroll process to deduct the total amount due for every pay period that set automatic to their salary, until they reach the total loan amount or zero balance.

Employee loan data entry can handle which loan description allowed multiple loans or single loan assign by HR Admin to eliminate duplicate loan entry for single loan transaction if loan status is not yet closed. During the payroll processing the automatic loan deduction will save on separate table to handle the deduction amount which the fields primary key are employee_id, loan_code, Loan_type, period_from and period_to. Sometimes the payroll clerk processed multiple times of payroll pay period for some other reason... the loan deduction will not duplicate because if the primary key field is exist the system will update the record or record not found... the system add new record. Re-processing of pay period in pinoy web application is allowed if the payroll pay period is not yet approved by payroll approver.

The employee can also keep track of amounts outstanding balance of each pay period using their dashboard account login that the history of deduction are visible from them to their salary loans or other deduction. Giving the employee rights to retrieve information of their salary loan deduction history anytime that gives convenient for them to monitor.

Salary Loan and Deduction History