How to get SSS Number online in the Philippines

Today, it’s already possible to apply for SS numbers online in the Philippines. SSS government agency has evolved their technology to help Filipino people accommodate in a fastest way, using online registration to get temporary SS number before going to the nearest SSS Branch to get permanent SS Number. This process eliminates long waiting time because of information data gathering and encoding.

Workers who need to apply for their own Social Security System (SSS) membership number, a mandatory requirement of private sector companies and household employers, can now do it electronically through the SSS website instead of lining up at SSS branches.


  • Visit SSS official website ( On the lower part, click the the link “Online Registration Coverage“.
    How to get SSS Number online in the Philippines
  • Fill up and complete the verification form.
  • Once you complete the information (double check the entry before you submit)... click submit button then you’ll be notified that an email was sent to your email address.
  • Check your email and open the email from SSS then click the link provided to go the registration web page.
  • On the registration page, complete all the personal information and details required.
  • Once you’re finished filling-up the information, then click “Generate SSS number“.
  • Now have a “temporary SS number“.

When you visit the SSS branch, bring the following SSS requirements:

  • birth certificate
  • Valid Government ID
  • any other supporting documents

Take note of your temporary SS number or print your received email from SSS for verification purposes before going to the nearest SSS branch to have it permanent SS Number.

If successfully changed the temporary SS number to a permanent one, it can be used to file for various SSS benefits and loan privileges, as well as to apply for the UMID [Unified Multipurpose Identification] card if at least one monthly contribution has already been posted.