HRMS and Payroll System designed for a paperless process to simplify payroll processing. All step of process from timekeeping to payroll output have an approval to review and confirm. I will demo or gave sample process of payroll automation that start in timesheet approval to payroll approval. For the meantime I will assigned myself as approver for the whole flow of approval to resume the process up to payroll output.

Automate Payroll Processing

Payroll professionals of the future will undertake a lot more analytics activity and work with the system bot to ensure they are performing the daily routine of HR and Payroll task that eliminate human intervention.

Opportunity for HR & Payroll department to become more of a strategic partner for the business, so in future it will be much less about manual processes and focused other managerial works. Also giving access to all employee that they can review their salary income, deduction and how the payroll computation work. The employees are the key to determine how well the payroll system is functioning and anything suggestion from them can improve the system.