Alphalist Conversion to .Dat File Output

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Users are required to use BIR Alphalist Validation Module to ensure 100% compliance. This web application .dat file conversion tools created this December 2018 almost 2 weeks of development during my free time... on my self testings and i confident that output file is okay but still, we do not provide guarantee.

Alphalist File is not stored in the server.

Guidelines How It Works

Download Alphalist v6.0 install this free program for your testing and validation module.

Download Alphalist Template Report then try it for .dat file conversion.

• After downloading the excel file Alphalist Template Report, kindly analyze the sample data in the file. The format data will give you an idea on what your file should look like before copying it in the inserted row data for your .dat file output.

• The sequence of worksheet name Sch 7.1, Sch 7.2, Sch 7.3, Sch 7.4, Sch 7.5 should not be change... you can add many worksheet as you want but the first 5 worksheet are reserved.

• Alphalist where schedule type is empty or no record should be deleted the row data except the header constant row 1 to 12 for sch. 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 while sch. 7.4 & 7.5 start in row 1 to 13 should not removed.

• Don't insert additional column or delete column within the template worksheet... you can insert row data as many as you want but the existing formula given within the cell is always there and also the TOTAL format and formula is available because the total amount value it's also included on the output .dat file.

Any suggestion or bugs... kindly Contact Us and i'am willing to fixed it.

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