To eliminate more signing of overtime per person the overtime entry per date designed per department as a group of person to be submitted for approval and signed before timesheet processing to count as overtime work hours.

Overtime must be pre-approved for all employees and the procedure for overtime approval as follows:

  • Justification must be written for requested overtime.
  • Form must indicate the following; department, employee(s) scheduled to work; and the number of overtime hours requested, including start and end date.
  • All overtime forms must have the immediate supervisor’s signature.

Note: Human Resources will receive the approved/disapproved overtime requests.

Overtime will not be permitted without prior approval. It is mandatory that this process be adhered to all overtime requests are to be submitted and signed by head department prior for overtime work. Or other company policies in regards of allowing overtime work.

Filing of Overtime Work Hours

Procedure how to input overtime worked:

  • Merge all approved overtime work in a day per department using Microsoft word then saved as pdf file to be attach as document required for requesting approval by head department.
  • Data entry clerk can print encoded overtime work to double check the entry in a hard copy and proofread it before requesting for approval.