Employee Self-Service Online Filing Form

Employee self-service filling form is a feature of HRMS or HRIS application that allows every employee to file a common task like filing overtime work, leave of absence or other job-related. Delegate work to your employees and get more productive right away with a smart self-service dashboard user account. Modern HR management tools can help you remove the daily routine tasks that the system can handle it automatically and easily.

Employee Online Filing Form

Online Filing Form

  • Overtime: Filing of overtime worked.
  • Leave: Filing of vacation leave, sick leave, maternity etc.
  • Locator Slip: Filing of time-in/time-out w/out biometric time logs.
  • Temporary Shift: Temporary shift schedule.
  • Broken Time: Data entry of broken time within attendance date.
  • Failure In/Out: Manual entry of invalid time logs.

After filing the required data in an online form, the system will notify assigned approvers via email to request approval.

Employee Self Service Online Form

Consolidating paper work in payroll processing needs can take a lot of time to do the task in manual process. Adopted the paperless using Online Filing Form and required approval by head department prior to payroll module application. Let the system handle the task of automation needed in payroll processing requirement to compute for every pay period.