Daily Time Record (DTR) time and attendance system designed to track in real-time total head count, absent, present or late in different branches or location without human intervention using HRMS & Payroll Online System. We recommend touch screen with sound speaker to hear what the system say.

DTR Time and Attendance Biometric Fingerprint Process Flow


  • Click or touch the label Time-IN or Time-Out to toggle the time-logs.
  • Saving time-log is direct to the Remote Data Server using Web API Restful services if internet connection is available.
  • Matching of fingerprint is already loaded in class object before main screen loaded for verification that eliminate send transaction to the data server.
  • New enrolled employee must click the "Restart" button to update the fingerprint class object.
  • The system can handle the possibility if no internet connection, automatic call the local data server for temporary storage.
  • Internet available, after 2 minutes idle not using fingerprint device the system automatically check the local data storage if have available record to upload in remote data main server.
  • Using the button log-out & admin tools should be an admin user account.