Benefits of adopting to Paperless Management

Paperless office as a sustainable business practice in Human Resource Management System (HRMS) on daily routine task that the system can do it automatically. Creating online job application can easily and quickly gather information that HR looking a candidates to hired a vacant position needed by the company from centralized data source. Using the Applicant Tracking System where the data is stored in data server can retrieved information based on search keyword like job title, course or other job related work experience.

Benefits of adopting to Paperless Management

According to a survey conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), 77% of HR departments have gone paperless, which HR professionals report spending 35% less time on administrative tasks. Environmental friendly because it cutting down on waste to cutting down costs, big or small businesses benefits of making switch from paper and ink to digital cloud based solutions.

Online surveys can help businesses know how to improve the management by gathering data and analyze employee sentiment and feedback. Surveys can be sent to all team members, and each employee can complete the questions from the convenience of their mobile phone or laptop. Submitted survey and feedbacks will be added to the online database and HR administrators can easily see and analyze trends in the feedback.

Paperless payroll automation that the employee involves on processing and know how the payroll computation works, this is the big help from them to analyze if their works hours is properly paid off. Employee can retrieve their daily DTR time logs, timesheet computation, pays lip, loan deduction anytime they want for personal used that eliminate asking help for HR staff.

Working across multiple departments and catering to a number of different processes by digital way of transaction that speed-up the daily routine task of office staff, eliminates the use of paper can free up resources in time and costs, allowing your organization to practice greater sustainability for your business and also for the environment.