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Customized software is now great improvements now-a-days with increasing automation process within many companies. We developed Web Application of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) & Payroll System that allows HR & Payroll staffs working in computerize transaction using their mobile phone or Desktop computer. Using this online system you can significantly reduce the manual HR & Payroll workload to carry out multiple tasks in any location with internet browser.

Web application is a technology perform through internet browser that run program in a remote server. Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or Payroll System that HR/Accounting staffs can access the system in any location with internet connection to do their jobs. Most businesses are looking ways to cut costs, automate payroll easily and maintain the security of the company's data.

Mobile technology of HRMS involves tracking employee histories, skills, abilities, salaries, and accomplishments. HRMS systems can distribute information management responsibilities so that the bulk of information gathering is not delegated strictly to HR staff. Allowing HR Management at the fingertips of employees to retrieve their own personal information and perform other tasks like checking the history of pay slip, loan deduction, viewing their own timesheet etc.

Adopting an online portal system of your employees eliminate most of paper being used, employees are prefer to receive information electronically via sms or email. Implementing a web based HR Management and Payroll process is a win-win solution for everyone that can access information anytime as needed.

Personal Information Sheet (PIS)

Personal Information Sheet of all employee are stored from the database for easy retrieval of information by HR personnel or viewing on their respective account login. PIS can manage human data in various category like personal, family, educational background, demographic details, allowances, working history etc. HR manager can easily retrieve employee information through mobile phone or any device with internet browser.

HRMS Employee Data Maintenance Personal Information Sheet

PIS Job Information

Daily Time Record (DTR)

Biometric finger scanner is attendance solutions to keep track the Daily Time Records (DTR).

Time and attendance tracking is a schedule, in which workers or students write down entry and exit times so that they can be logged. Old practice is using punch cards or logbook to record the time or shared digital spreadsheets. But all of these practice is not 100% accurate... sometimes friend sign in for them or punch their card even if they are not around or falsely claim hours of work.

Using Biometric time-in/time-out attendance system is no fraud who is signing in for duty. A scanned finger or other biometric device ensures accurate payroll, efficient time records keeping, and can even keep track of certain work related tasks. When arriving or leaving for work, the employee are required fingerprint to scan in DTR System for logging the time.

DTR Time-In & Time-Out

Biometrics Time-In / Time-Out

This tools available only for HR personnel that allowed to access are view time logs, generate timesheet based on cut-off dates, edit timesheet, shift schedule, locator slip data entry and timesheet for approval that notify employee for confirmation of their daily time records coming from biometric finger scanner Time-In/Time-Out programs. After confirmation of timesheet the audit trail will goes to department head to review in approved timesheet for payroll processing.

Generate Timesheet

Employee Timesheet Confirmation

Confirm Timesheet

Edit Timesheet

Head Department Timesheet Approval

Approved Timesheet

Viewing of Invalid Attendance

Viewing of Invalid Attendance

Employee Loans

Most companies provide employee's loans for SSS and Pagibig member, Bank loan, Company salary loan or cash advance etc. Pinoy Web Application create a flexible loan data entry module that can connect to payroll process to deduct automatic to their salary, until make it zero balance. The employee with loan can monitor on their dashboard account login that the history of deduction are visible from them how many balance is remaining to their salary loans or other deduction.

Loans and Deduction Entry (Data Maintenance)

HRMS Loan and Deduction

HRMS Loan and Deduction history details

Filling of Overtime

Rendered overtime must be applied on their respective login account in Overtime module that available for every employee's dashboard in Pinoy Web Application program. After filling-up the form request will be notify to head department for approval. All approved overtime will be used to compare time out in biometric finger scanner log time before counting as overtime pay.

Employee List of Overtime

HRMS Overtime View Filling of Overtime

HRMS Overtime Approval

Filling of Leave

Filling of Leave must be applied on their respective login account in Leave module that available for every employee's dashboard in Pinoy Web Application program. All approved leave will be used during generate timesheet processing... those employee have no record on covered cut-off regular day, the system will automatically check the leave module database to create regular time record if the date record leave is found then tag "LM" as reference for payroll computation.

HRMS Leave Module

HRMS Leave Form

HRMS Leave Form Approver

Remittance Report Screenshot

HRMS Pagibig Remittance

HRMS Pagibig Remittance excel report

HRMS Philhealth Remittance

HRMS Philhealth Remittance excel report

HRMS SSS Remittance

HRMS SSS Remittance excel report

Encrypt Sensitive Information

Important data like address, sss no., tin no., pagibig no. and phil-health number are encrypted to safeguard the sensitive information. Only this web-application can decrypt the encrypted data to a readable format.

HRMS Employee Information

Payroll Summary Report

Payroll Detailed Report

Payslip Report

Payroll Payslip


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